Mugshot Removal: 11 Common Mugshot Removal Questions Answered

One or more publicly posted mugshots shouldn’t mean a life sentence online. Unfortunately, however, it’s a growing problem, as unscrupulous websites continue to pop up focused on freely sharing people’s mugshots and arrest records with the internet. That’s why mugshot removal is so important these days especially.

With concerns growing about the long-term impacts of these websites, and with more new mugshots now appearing on the internet each day than ever before, countless questions surrounding the matter are asked of online reputation experts, lawyers, and others from the legal profession on a daily basis.

With years of experience and an arsenal of tools at our disposal, at, we’re proud to be a leading provider of fast, friendly, and confidential mugshot removal services.

Now having helped thousands of clients to address their mugshot removal woes, and with countless queries answered along the way, here are 11 of the most commonly asked mugshot removal questions encountered from those desperate to get a handle on the issue.

Can you erase your mugshot from the internet?

The good news is that, yes – a mugshot can be removed from the internet. Armed with the correct help, it’s possible to quickly, effectively, and permanently have a mugshot taken down and, in the process, see it removed from the results pages of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Why is my old mugshot appearing when I search Google for my name?
Old mugshots and arrest records can be a sobering and lasting reminder of the past. Even where an individual is later found to be entirely innocent, information pertaining to an old arrest—mugshot included—can continue to appear online for years to come unless steps are taken to address the matter.

Should I get my arrest sealed?

An individual is free to seek the sealing of their arrest records, of course. However, this will not automatically see their mugshot and details of their arrest removed from independent websites already displaying that information.

While getting any arrest sealed is always a good course of action to follow, successfully removing information previously published about the arrest in question—including the associated mugshot—will invariably call for additional steps.

Does an expungement delete a mugshot?

Unfortunately, no. While seeking expungement is always advisable, unless action is also taken to have corresponding information regarding the arrest in question removed from third-party websites, a mugshot can continue to appear online indefinitely.

Do I need a lawyer to remove my mugshot?

Depending on the approach used to tackle mugshot removal, a lawyer may be called for. This can also be dependent on where an individual is from or where the website displaying their mugshot is based.

Whatever the case, however,’s legal department is always on hand to help, led by our chief counsel—a seasoned expert in the process of mugshot removal—to propel the process along for our clients, as and when required.

Should I pay to erase my mugshot from the internet?

Paying an offending website to remove a mugshot is almost always inadvisable. Rather than be held to ransom by unscrupulous website owners in the business of sharing mugshots and arrest records in the first place, it’s better to reach out for professional help.

Did you know, the same unscrupulous people that own one mugshot website may also own several others? This means that an individual can find themselves in an endless cycle of paying to have their mugshot and arrest information removed from website after website.

Instead of being held ransom and handing over money to those responsible for the distressing action of publishing and actively promoting a person’s mugshot and arrest information in the first instance, consider the following.

By reaching out to us at instead, the same individual is equipping themselves with the necessary support—and legal backing—to professionally address the matter, rather than simply handing over a fee and hoping for the best.

Are mugshot removal websites reliable?

For the most part, yes. While third-party mugshot websites themselves—those in the business of actually sharing individuals’ mugshots and arrest records—are not to be trusted, specialists dedicated to tackling the problem often represent the only surefire method of successfully and reliably addressing the issue at its core.

What is crucial, however, is to carefully check any mugshot removal website’s credentials. At, we have years of experience in the field and are proven in our success, as reflected in our unmatched track record with past clients.

How long does it take for mugshots to appear online?

Incredibly, the time between an individual being arrested and their mugshot appearing online can now be less than 12 hours. Mugshots and any corresponding arrest details can appear online as quickly as a website is committed to posting that information.

Here’s the kicker, though, because although a person’s mugshot can appear online almost instantly, it’ll rarely disappear as fast, even when that individual is ultimately found to be innocent. Instead, it can remain online for years to come, often representing one of the first things to appear when looking up a person’s name on any popular search engine.

Considering the speed with which such information is liable to appear online, it’s important to look to address the problem in an equally prompt fashion. By turning to our team for help as soon as possible, an individual can safeguard against much of the potential damage tied to a mugshot appearing online in the long term.

How do I get my mugshot removed from

With any website, there are certain ways and means of getting a mugshot removed. In the case of, however, at, we’re expertly positioned, in particular, to tackle unwanted and otherwise problematic images and arrest records made public by what’s now the world’s largest website of its kind.

Together,’s skilled team of experts and our legal department, led by our chief counsel, seasoned in the process of mugshot removal, are on hand to tackle mugshot and arrest record listings on both and a plethora of other websites.

What’s the best solution for mugshot removal?

Reaching out to mugshot removal specialists such as ourselves should always be an individual’s first line of defense. At, we’re proud to offer a free mugshot removal analysis to anyone worried about their online reputation and the damage that a publicly posted mugshot or arrest record could do to their future.

Provided without obligation, they can then choose to take the best course of action for their situation.

What’s the best mugshot removal service?

With years of experience,’s expertly accomplished and diversely talented team of analysts, software gurus, legal professionals, and more employs a suite of proprietary tools and unparalleled knowledge on the subject of mugshot removal to offer a service that’s second to none.

Promising positive results in no time and backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, at, we’re able to tackle all of a person’s mugshot removal needs in as little as 72 hours.

For a no-obligation analysis or to discuss any mugshot removal concerns in more detail, individuals can call or email our team in confidence, seven days a week, safe in the knowledge that they’re dealing with the web’s premier mugshot removal service. Call 844-641-8163 now.

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