How To Remove Mugshots Online In a Matter of Days

Personal, private details deserve to stay personal and private, but in the age of overexposure, we are able to contain less and less of our lives’ most intimate details. This is why how to remove mugshots online information is so important to you.

This is especially true when it comes to mugshots and criminal records. What should be a symbol of a particular time period that should stay just that, has now become fodder for scammers hoping to post mugshots online and hold the subjects hostage in exchange for payment to have it taken down. 

With potential employers and potential relationship partners relying on the almighty Google search now more than ever, having a mugshot widely available online can create a devastatingly false perception, especially for those who never actually committed a crime. 

Enter, a new process seeking to help consumers by taking away the time, worry, not to mention high legal fees, potentially necessary to remove mugshots online, has a proven track record of providing a fair, equitable solution to a conceivably serious problem.

The process of attempting to remove mugshots online can be daunting, especially considering that once they are online there is no limit to how many other websites can pick it up, but wants customers to know that a mugshot online is far from an unwinnable battle.

There are other vetted, legal methods at the public’s disposal to remove mugshots online, and it is important to know all available options in order to understand the caliber of work with

Contact Google/Search Engines

Given that Google is the giant that it is, this method is likely the most intimidating. However, since given Google’s “giant” status as the resource most people rely on for any and all information, going directly to the source and having Google remove mugshots online could prove to be highly effective. If there are legal grounds for the request for suppression, Google will remove search results. Additionally, it may remove potentially harmful personal information that poses certain risks, if an official request is made. However, once information is public and out in the open, Google tends to push back on removing it.

Contacting Individual Webmasters

The most seemingly obvious option to remove mugshots online is by directly contacting individual webmasters hosting the mugshots. In many cases, webmasters respond positively to simple, polite requests, particularly ones coupled with court documents, depositions and arrest reports.

This goes double for cases that have been expunged from criminal records, and proof of expungement can likely bring about removal, for fear of potential legal ramifications.

Many mugshot websites have a FAQ, contact page, or portal for uploading relevant documents, so making these types of requests should be fairly straightforward. However, a notable, long-term disadvantage to this course of action is that while the webmaster may remove mugshots online, it is still only taken off of that particular website, as opposed to being suppressed by a search engine, a la option one outlined here. 

Expunging Criminal Records

Speaking of expunging criminal activity, another viable, however laborious, option to remove mugshots online is to make an attempt to expunge the corresponding case from a criminal record. Expunging criminal records involves filing motions with the court to have prior convictions sealed, making the records unavailable through the state or Federal repositories. If successful, an individual can send the order of expungement to the website that has published the mugshot, likely getting it taken down, assuming the website isn’t at its heart a scam. 

Under the law, expungement is typically granted only for minor offenses, namely minor drug offenses and non-violent/sexual crimes, with added assurance that a particular period of time has passed since the conviction and that no further crimes have been committed ever since. 

While expungement does not necessarily guarantee a mugshot’s removal from a particular website, sending proof of expungement increases that likelihood, chiefly if the website lists expungement as a qualification for removal.  

Time to Lawyer Up?

In most situations involving legal matters, the natural inclination would seem to be that a lawyer needs to be involved. While that is a viable option to remove mugshots online, as with anything, hiring a lawyer can be extremely expensive.The primary selling-point for lawyers is the weight they have the potential to carry. With inconsistent legal statutes across state lines, most mugshot websites are technically under no legal obligation, so much as a moral obligation, to remove mugshots.

But a seasoned content removal attorney will come armed with various litigious tactics such as demand letters, letters that apply extra pressure for webmasters to remove mugshots, and also come armed with the knowledge that most people hate going to court. As these letters typically threaten litigation, the mere threat of a lawsuit can be enough to change the will of a webmaster.

DIY Mugshot Removal

If hiring a lawyer is unrealistic, an expungement is out of the question, if webmasters are holding the line and your pride won’t allow you to seek help, the freest, least offensive, yet likely most arduous, path to take to remove mugshots online is to game the major search engines. By utilizing social media and posting a consistent stream of photos on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, captioning each photo with the way your name appears on your mugshot, the search results containing your mugshot can get pushed far beyond page one of a search. This is also achieved via a steady stream of WordPress posts that include photos with the same caption. This avenue is not for those looking for a quick fix.

Skip the Hassle, Hire

Now that all potential recourse has been outlined, it is evident that making an individual concerted effort to get a mugshot taken down is a costly affair, whether that be financial or opportunity cost. Some of these actions can take months, and there are still no surefire guarantees. Most people would go to lengths to avoid exerting that time and effort, something not lost on the creators of was created to help citizens rest easy knowing that their mugshot and/or criminal record can be removed from mugshot databases and search engine results. offers enhanced mugshot removal tools to clear online records of mugshots, arrest reports, felonies, legal charge sheets and trial reports, removing the stress and effort from private citizens and achieving positive results simply and cleanly. 

Led by a sophisticated team of developers and software experts, uses the latest technology to remove search engine results involving names coupled with keywords such as “mugshot,” “arrest” or “trial.”  

In addition to utilizing progressive software and technological advances, has spent years diligently establishing relationships with mugshot-posting websites, as well as perfecting various means and methods to offer quick and affordable removal solutions. The billable time spent by an attorney to try and accomplish what can do, is not be cost-effective. As such, as more relationships have been established, local attorneys have sought out to remove mugshots for their clients. The work is guaranteed and if mugshots should ever re-appear, will remove the links at no additional cost to the consumer.

With a sympathetic understanding of potential financial and personal circumstances, has assisted thousands of satisfied customers across the globe, and employs a flexible cost model to accommodate individual needs. Offers can depend on how many arrests are present on record, how many websites have published a mugshot, as well as which websites are publishing the mugshot. offers free cost estimates upon request, so call 844-641-8163 or email [email protected] today and get started on reclaiming your life.

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