How Long For A Removal

If you have an embarrassing mugshot you want to be removed from the internet, you can make a request to have it removed. Requesting a removal can take up to 10 days or more to process. It depends on when the request has been received. removal take place on a first-come, first-serve basis. Requests for a removal that can’t be read legibly will not be processed.

There are services available online that can help search for mugshots and remove them on your behalf. You should expect to pay a fee for such a service for removal, which could be as high as $100 or more. You will need to provide all of the details regarding an arrest or conviction, where a mugshot was taken, and provide the service authorization on your behalf to remove it.

It is possible to have a mugshot removed from the internet permanently. This can be done by you, for free, but will require time and effort to locate and request a removal. You may also pay a third-party service to remove the mugshot for you from the internet.

Expunged Records And Sealed Cases

Depending on your state, if an arrest or conviction was expunged or sealed by a court, you may be permitted to have a mugshot removed for free. You will need to either consult with an attorney or locate the statutes for your jurisdiction to determine the process for removing the mugshot.

There is no time limit on how long a mugshot may stay online. These records are available publicly and can be viewed by anyone. Older arrest and conviction records are less likely to remain online than more recent ones (i.e., up to a year old).

If you have arrest details published and seek removal, you should contact the webmaster through the website and request removal. Remember, arrest details are public, not private records. If you have a prior arrest or conviction and are curious as to whether a mugshot exists online, you should perform a search via a search engine (i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo!). When locating a mugshot, you may be permitted to request it be removed by sending a request to the website.

Locating Your Mugshots Online

It depends on how many records exist. A search to locate all mugshots could take an hour to a day. Mugshots may never go away, once a jurisdiction posts them online. Mugshots are public records and never technically go away. A website may take down older mugshots to make space for new records but an employer or investigator seeking information about a prior arrest or conviction may be able to locate the mugshot.

When Mugshots Appear Online

The law enforcement or court system in your jurisdiction (where an arrest or conviction occurred) controls the speed by which mugshots appear online. This could be within a matter of hours after an arrest takes place or inside a week or so. The time and speed with which a appears depend solely on the jurisdiction and the ability for a website to gain access to the record once it has been posted to the internet.

Other Ways To Remove Mugshots Online

There are different online services available, for a fee, who can perform a removal. The fees for these services vary and you should verify their ability to locate and remove any and all evidence of mugshots, per any agreement you may enter.

If a record has been sealed or expunged by a court, you may be able to simply request the removal of the record. Go to the website directly and complete the online request form available to remove the mugshot. This should be a simple process for most people to accomplish on their own.

Obtaining An Old Arrest Record/Mugshot For Free

If you have an old arrest record or mugshot and you would like to obtain information, you need to send a request to the court or jurisdiction holding the record. In most cases, this type of request can be handled for free or for a small fee.

A website like and others who post mugshots online is not prohibited from posting the material or charging a fee for removal. Your arrest information and any mugshot taken is a public record available to anyone who requests it.

Removing A Mugshot From Google

Removing a mugshot from Google requires you to make a request directly to Google or any website hosting the record.

A criminal record remains in the database of the jurisdiction where an arrest or conviction took place forever. Records that have been expunged or sealed by a court may be withheld from a public request but remains as part of your criminal record. It is important to understand that the only way a mugshot may be removed from a commercial site (one that is other than a court or law enforcement) is by request. Mugshots can still remain online for as long as the arresting jurisdiction wishes to maintain the record on the internet.

Mugshot Can Be Expunged Or Deleted If You Have Been Acquitted In Court

If a court proceeding results in an acquittal by a lawful court, you may request (or ask your attorney) to have the record of the arrest (including the mugshot) immediately sealed. You may also hire an attorney to request an expungement of the record.

You need to request directly from the website holding your mugshot to delete or remove the record. This can be done for free and requires effort and time on your part to locate the mugshot and make a request. Removal From The Internet

The bottom line is yes, you can make a request for a removal from the internet. You can attempt to do this on your own, for free, if you are willing to invest the time and effort to search, locate, and find all evidence of any and all mugshots online. Or, you may choose to use a reputable online service to help you remove your mugshot and help you repair your reputation. Call 844-641-8163 now.

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