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All About the Best Mugshot Removal Service

People make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes lead to arrest and that dreadful mugshot that eventually gets posted online. What is the best mugshot removal service that will help you get rid of your mugshot on the internet?

What is a Mugshot?

When you are arrested, whether the charge is something like speeding or something more serious like murder, one of the first things to happen is that you are booked. During the booking process, an officer will take your mugshot.

The mugshot first originated in the 1880s, when Alphonse Bertillon, a French police officer, invented the practice. We’ve all seen a mug shot. Heck, we’ve all probably laughed at a celebrity mugshot or two over the years.

These mugshot pictures typically show a frontal view, profile view and closeup view of a suspect from the waist up. They are usually taken with a plain background and are most often very unflattering, showing the subject at their worst.

The Business of Mugshots

Technology improved from those first mugshots taken in the late 1800s, and so did public access to mug shots. Now, with social media, mugshots are available nearly instantly on the internet. There are numerous websites devoted just to publishing mugshots. Several of these sites publish the mugshots and then charge people to have their images removed.

While this sounds like a shady practice, in most states it is totally legal and extremely lucrative. Sites often post the pictures and then charge people to take them down.

Different states have different laws controlling public access to criminal records, but many make mug shots publicly available almost instantly. This means that your mugshot could be online less than 24 hours after your arrest. If it is out there, can you get it taken down? If so, what is the best mugshot removal service?

To the concerned citizen, it may seem like posting mugshots on the internet might seem like a great idea. The pinnacle of free speech if you will. However, an arrest is not the same thing as a conviction.

Even if you are arrested, you might not ever be charged with a crime, or your case could be dropped. The release or posting of your mugshot to the internet might mean that you lose your job or have damage to your reputation. It could even hurt you during the college admissions process.

States React to Publishing Mugshots Online

The debate over whether publicly posting mugshots on the internet is akin to free speech or extortion is heavily contested. There are great arguments on both sides of the issue.

Now, there are at least twelve states that have enacted laws prohibiting publishing mug shots online and prohibit charging to take the photos down. They include California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

There was even a recent class-action lawsuit claiming that Buck County’s Inmate LookUp Tool violated the privacy of 68,000 plaintiffs who were processed at the jail from 1938 to 2013 and whose information was posted online between 2011 and 2013.

The lawsuit found that Bucks County, Pennsylvania violated the state’s Criminal History Record Information Act by posting information and mugshots online about inmates. As a result of the settlement, eligible class members will receive about $600 each from the $10 million that will be paid out in the lawsuit.

In other states, where there aren’t laws prohibiting mugshots from becoming public records, companies often scramble to post mugshots online for all to see. They make money by charging people to remove the mugshots from the internet. You can contact the best mugshot removal service to get the picture taken off the internet or you can try to do it by yourself.

Best Mugshot Removal Service

Pay Someone to Remove it

The first option to get your mugshot off the internet is to pay someone to remove it. There are many online mugshot removal services to choose from but what is the best mugshot removal service? Think about using a mugshot removal service located in the State in which you were arrested.

When you employ one of these services, expect the cost for the best mugshot removal service to range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on how many websites published the mugshot.

Do it Yourself

If you don’t want to or can’t afford to pay a service to remove your mugshot from the internet, you can always go about it yourself. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Contact the webmaster

Sometimes the best way to handle a problem is to go directly to the source. Contact the webmaster of the website that posted your mugshot by using their contact page. You may get lucky and the site may agree to remove your mugshot from the website.

You can also find out who owns the websites by going to ICANN or WHOIS to look up the site owner. Contact the site owner, explain the situation, and provide as much documentation as possible.

  • Get case sealed or expunged

If you get your case sealed or expunged, it may not be necessary to pay someone to remove your mugshot. It might actually be free.

Getting a case sealed or expunged is a legal process. The process requires that the crime you committed (or were arrested for) fall in a narrow list of expungable cases, often including minor drug offenses and non-violent crimes.

Usually, you have to file a petition with the court to get the case expunged or sealed. There may also be a requirement that a certain amount of time has passed since your arrest or conviction in which you have not garnered additional criminal offenses.

Once you are successful in getting the case sealed or expunged, you can obtain a copy of your order of expungement and send it directly to the source, demanding that they remove the mugshot from their database.

  • Post fresh content online

The internet works in mysterious ways. If you can post fresh content about yourself and pictures of yourself online, using your name exactly as it appears in your mugshot, you might be able to bury your mugshot down a few pages in a search engine. Try starting a blog and posting a few times a week or utilizing these websites:

  1. Facebook
  2. Pinterest
  3. WordPress
  4. YouTube
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Tumble
  7. Instagram

According to multiple sources, 75% of internet users don’t ever click on the second page of a search result. Therefore, if you can bury your mugshot down a page or so in a search result of your name, it is likely that many people will never see it.

The Takeaways

When your mugshot shows up online, it can affect every part of your life. Your ability to get a job, keep a job, or form new relationships. Merely being arrested does not mean that you have been charged with a crime. On the contrary, you can be arrested and never end up being charged with a crime.

Posting mugshots online is a big, lucrative business in a lot of states. Some people describe the process as extortion because companies post mugshots and then demand money for their removal. However, it isn’t illegal in many states.

If you are the victim of your mugshot being posted online, your world isn’t over. There are ways to have it removed or bury the information online. It will be up to you whether you want to pay a fee to have a mugshot removed from the internet or chose to go about it on your own.

Most of the time, paying a fee will result in the removal of the image but there are no guarantees. It might not be fast or painless, but there are solutions to the problem of your mugshot being posted online. When you are ready to find out the best mugshot removal service, contact us now.

All About the Criminal Background Check Removal Process

Hand Filling Criminal Background Check Application Form
Close-up Of Human Hand Filling Criminal Background Check Application Form With Pen

Criminal background checks are standard practice in most job hiring processes, credit checks and home or business loan applications. Life happens sometimes and you may find that you need to secure a criminal background check removal. This is a very real concern for the almost 77 million Americans with some type of criminal record.

DWIs and DUIs

Clients come to us many times inquiring about the length of a DWI or DUI stays on their record. As a broad statement, DWIs and DUIs stay on record indefinitely like most criminal records. Some states consider DWIs and DUIs able to be reviewed for record expungement or sealing. Other states see DWIs and DUIs categorized as driving and traffic crimes and do not allow them to be expunged or sealed.


Similar to DWIs and DUIs, clients often inquire how long a misdemeanor stays on a criminal record. Save for an approved expungement motion, a misdemeanor stays on record indefinitely. States change laws all the time, some states have recently passed legislation about easier sealing of misdemeanors. Our company stays ahead of our competition by always being in the know in the most up-to-date state legislature.


Felonies are more complicated than DWIs, DUIs and misdemeanors when it comes to removal from criminal records. Felonies are not impossible however to remove. The removal of a felony offense depends solely on the state legislature and court in which the client applies for record clearing or sealing.

Protect Your Privacy

Today if information is desired, a person’s entire existence is just a few clicks and searches away. Data is easily available now more than ever. Searches that used to be reserved for the most experienced IT experts are now available to the general public. A criminal background check is considered standard with almost all job applications in the United States.

Take Back Control of Your Life

A criminal background can ruin lives and prevent people from securing stable jobs to better their quality of life. Society often discriminates against those with previous criminal convictions, which further complicates securing any kind of long-term employment. We help our clients get a fresh start in life by ridding them of the burden of a criminal record being found by future employers or creditors.

Client-Focused Services

Our company understands the often unfair discrimination placed upon clients with a criminal past. That is why we work hard to do everything in our power to clear criminal records from online public and the 40 plus private criminal record databases. We understand that people make mistakes and believe a bad choice should not define the entirety of someone’s life.

Detail Oriented

Our company takes the time to treat our clients with empathy while we review each case to see if it’s expugnable. There are several components to a criminal background check removal, the first of which is where criminal records are kept online.

Online Criminal Background Records Removal

The process for removing online criminal background records begins with a petition for criminal record clearing. Once such a petition is approved, a signed court order is sent to the requestee.

Public Databases

Public databases are much easier to clear criminal records from. Police station databases and government databases like the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Public Safety (DPS) are automatically refreshed to reflect new court orders. Public databases are updated within a 48-hour window from the time of a removal petition approval.

Private Databases

Private databases are a beast of their own. Updates are not instant and can take upwards of a year to reflect granted court order record purges. Private databases are slow at times to enforce criminal background check removals, even if there is a court order in place to do so. [xxx] has services in place to help client records be removed from private databases according to lawfully approved court orders.

Criminal Background Check Removal is Important

Criminal background checks are used for a variety of reasons on a daily basis. A criminal background record removal has to be first approved by a court judge. We help our clients to remove their criminal records by ensuring a court grant record clearing has been applied to both public and private databases.

The Use of Online Criminal Background Checks

Our clients may need to clear their online criminal records to be able to pass background checks for:

  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Undergraduate or Graduate School Application
  • Home Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Credit Checks
  • Right to Vote
  • Right to Own Firearms

When a Criminal Background Check Removal Is Needed

It’s essential to make sure both public and private databases are cleared to ensure no complications in any future background checks. A court may rule that your criminal record can be sealed. However, if there are still remaining records on a private database, that could be used against a client further down the line during various types of background checks. Our clients can trust us to be thorough so there are no complications during future record checks.

Employer Background Checks

Many of our clients need our criminal background check removal for securing employment. That is on account of the fact that 95% of possible hirings involve background checks of various kinds.

Criminal Background Check Removal and Expungement

What exactly is criminal background check removal? When we go into removing criminal records from public and private databases, what we are actually doing is simply removing the last traces of what law enforcement or a court has already performed. The client makes a request for expungement, also known as record sealing.


Expungement is where, if approved by a judge, a person’s criminal record is changed, sealed or destroyed. This process is different in many states on account of widely varying laws on expungement and record sealing. A criminal record that has been expunged is not able to be accessed by the public. A client who has successfully been approved for expungement does not have to share past criminal records with future employers, landlords or schools.

Qualified Expungement

One of the first tasks we carry out is checking to see if the client’s criminal record is able to be removed. Different laws exist in separate states that speak to what criminal offenses are and or not allowed to be removed from the record. This is crucial to know before any further action is taken. This is where it can benefit you to work with qualified reputation management professionals to ensure your rights are fully protected.

Quick Service

There are ways to possibly have a client’s criminal profile taken off the more than 40 online criminal databases if it is discovered the offense is not expugnable. We have ties to most if not all of these databases and using our services allows the process to be expedited. Most client cases are resolved in a matter of weeks, as our team is experienced and experts in all matters of criminal background check removal.

100% Guarantee

Our removal services come with a 100% guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen the best with Remove Mugshots. If we cannot remove all traces of criminal records, we have a full money-back guarantee. Our team of experts works hard and clients can be confident in the proactive approach we take to each project, ensuring that you are able to move forward with your life confidently.

Contact Us Today About Your Criminal Background Check Removal Needs

For more in-depth information and personalized consultation about a criminal background check removal, visit our website https://www.removemugshots.com/ or call 844-641-8163. We provide quality, quick and confidential services that have kept us at the top of the competition in online criminal background check removal. Remove Mugshots is the top expert mugshot removal company, reach out today to see why for yourself.

What You Should know about Florida Mugshot Law

brusied teenager who didn't abide by florida mugshot law

If you’ve ever been arrested in Florida, you need to know about Florida mugshot law. It enables you to take action against mugshot websites that profit off your misfortune by requiring payment to remove mugshot images.

Are mugshot websites legal in Florida?

Unfortunately, mugshot websites are legal in Florida and other states in the United States. Mugshot images are in the public domain, as is the arrest record that accompanies the image.

Does Florida mugshot law require the removal of any mugshot, under any circumstance?

Florida mugshot law states clearly that mugshot websites must remove your image at no cost. However, there are some conditions to the new law:

  • The law only applies if charges were dropped, or you were found innocent of a crime
  • The law only applies to websites that charged a fee for mugshot removal. After the law was passed, many websites stopped charging a fee for mugshot removal services, while others simply set up a separate company to offer “mugshot removal services”.
  • The law does not apply to newspapers, magazines, and mugshots published online by Florida police departments.
  • Mugshot websites based on other states or countries don’t have to abide by Florida law.

If I have a criminal record expunged, will mugshot websites be forced to remove my information from the internet?

Florida mugshot websites must remove your information if your record has been expunged. However, you’ll have to follow a step-by-step process to have the website take down the information.

How can I use Florida mugshot law to have a mugshot reviewed from a mugshot website?

There are a lot of mugshot websites, and they all scrape content from the internet and each other. If your mugshot appears on one website, the odds are that it will appear on dozens more.

Do a search for your name, followed by information related to your arrest. Make a list of all the websites that list your mugshot and arrest records.

Next, you’ll need to send a certified letter, by mail, with evidence showing that charges against you were dropped, your record was expunged, or you were found innocent of the charges against you. You’ll also need to send a certified copy of a photo ID. Write out the URL of the page with your record in your letter, or take a picture of the page, print it out, and enclose it in the letter.

Florida mugshot websites must remove your mugshot image no later than ten days after receiving the letter. Websites that refuse to do so will face daily fines in accordance with Florida mugshot laws.

What about police mugshot websites?

It’s not uncommon for Florida police departments to publish mugshot photos on their own site. However, the images only stay online for a brief period of time. They’re taken down on their own, so you don’t need to take action to have them removed.

What about newspapers that publish a mugshot in a story?

Local newspapers and magazines may publish an image of your mugshot if the events surrounding your arrest were newsworthy in some way. Because newspapers and magazines don’t charge money to have mugshots removed, you can’t force journalistic websites to take your image and records down.

However, if you were found innocent or charges were dropped, it’s likely that these same websites would update their stories. While your mugshot will still be visible online, at least people will know that you aren’t a criminal.

If a newspaper or magazine doesn’t update its story, you can send a certified letter to the outlet providing up-to-date information. Include all the information you’d provide to a mugshot website.

In other instances, a newspaper may publish a mugshot website similar to that published by local police stations. Your records and image will be removed after a set period of time and not republished. There is no need to take action against such sites.

What happens if my mugshot reappears on a mugshot website?

Mugshot websites based in Florida can’t republish mugshots once they’ve been formally asked to take them down. However, they can publish new mugshots of you if you’ve been arrested later on.

If you’re found innocent of the charges, the charges are dropped, or your records are expunged again, you can still have your new mugshots removed. Simply follow the steps outlined above.

What about my arrest records?

Florida mugshot law only applies to mugshot images. This means that mugshot websites can still list your arrest records online.

Can I take legal action against a mugshot website?

You can take legal action against a mugshot website. However, it won’t be easy. It’s hard to trace the names and addresses of people who run mugshot websites. If mugshot websites operate outside the United States, it can be impossible to bring them to court.

If you think legal action is in order, contact a lawyer to discuss the details of your case. In some cases, a cease-and-desist letter from a lawyer will speed up the removal of your mugshot from a site. If the site is Florida-based and doesn’t remove your image within ten days of receiving your letter, it can be fined every single day your image remains published.

Will mugshot suppression solve my problem?

Mugshot suppression is not the same as mugshot removal. Suppressing your records does not remove them from the internet. It merely makes them more difficult to find.

Mugshot suppression isn’t a bad idea. In fact, building a positive reputation for yourself online is one of the best ways to get back on your feet after being arrested. A reputation management or branding company can help you create and put up positive content to outrank any old arrest records.

The odds are that most people who do a casual search for your name won’t find your arrest records or old mugshots if there is a lot of positive content about you online. However, those doing a thorough search will most likely find the old information.

How can I remove a mugshot permanently?

You don’t have to allow an old mugshot image and arrest record to ruin your life today. A professional mugshot removal service can not only have your mugshot removed from a wide range of sites but also ensure the old image and records don’t resurface.

Mugshot removal services:

  • Know the information for all mugshot websites and people-search engines.
  • Know how to do a thorough search to find every single site that publishes your image. This is important because sites outside of Florida can re-list your image by mistake if the images are on other sites online
  • Can send letters to all the sites publishing your image quickly and easily
  • Follow up on the letters to ensure the images are removed
  • Monitor the web to make sure the old images/records don’t resurface.

Why Work with Us

Our company is not affiliated with any mugshot removal websites. Rather, our focus is on putting these sites out of business by having mugshots removed permanently, so our clients can lead a happy, productive life.

Our team has many years of experience tracking down mugshot websites and having content removed. We know how to find images and information, and we know how to have it removed quickly. What’s more, we charge a very affordable fee for our services.

Florida mugshot law offers some reprieve to those who have been arrested but later found innocent or had charges dropped or expunged. However, it doesn’t go far enough in tracking down mugshot websites and forcing them to remove content. That’s where we come in. Get in touch with us at your convenience to start the process of removing mugshots and arrest records from the web permanently.

If Florida mugshot law isn’t enough to get your mugshot and records taken down, get in touch with the pros. Our powerful tools and expertise can help you leave the past behind for good and start a new life. Call now at 844-641-8163.

How Long For A Mugshots.com Removal

If you have an embarrassing mugshot you want to be removed from the internet, you can make a request to have it removed. Requesting a mugshots.com removal can take up to 10 days or more to process. It depends on when the request has been received. Mugshots.com removal take place on a first-come, first-serve basis. Requests for a mugshots.com removal that can’t be read legibly will not be processed.

There are services available online that can help search for mugshots and remove them on your behalf. You should expect to pay a fee for such a service for mugshots.com removal, which could be as high as $100 or more. You will need to provide all of the details regarding an arrest or conviction, where a mugshot was taken, and provide the service authorization on your behalf to remove it.

It is possible to have a mugshot removed from the internet permanently. This can be done by you, for free, but will require time and effort to locate and request a mugshot.com removal. You may also pay a third-party service to remove the mugshot for you from the internet.

Expunged Records And Sealed Cases

Depending on your state, if an arrest or conviction was expunged or sealed by a court, you may be permitted to have a mugshot removed for free. You will need to either consult with an attorney or locate the statutes for your jurisdiction to determine the process for removing the mugshot.

There is no time limit on how long a mugshot may stay online. These records are available publicly and can be viewed by anyone. Older arrest and conviction records are less likely to remain online than more recent ones (i.e., up to a year old).

If you have arrest details published and seek mugshots.com removal, you should contact the webmaster through the website and request removal. Remember, arrest details are public, not private records. If you have a prior arrest or conviction and are curious as to whether a mugshot exists online, you should perform a search via a search engine (i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo!). When locating a mugshot, you may be permitted to request it be removed by sending a request to the website.

Locating Your Mugshots Online

It depends on how many records exist. A search to locate all mugshots could take an hour to a day. Mugshots may never go away, once a jurisdiction posts them online. Mugshots are public records and never technically go away. A website may take down older mugshots to make space for new records but an employer or investigator seeking information about a prior arrest or conviction may be able to locate the mugshot.

When Mugshots Appear Online

The law enforcement or court system in your jurisdiction (where an arrest or conviction occurred) controls the speed by which mugshots appear online. This could be within a matter of hours after an arrest takes place or inside a week or so. The time and speed with which a mugshot.com appears depend solely on the jurisdiction and the ability for a website to gain access to the record once it has been posted to the internet.

Other Ways To Remove Mugshots Online

There are different online services available, for a fee, who can perform a mugshots.com removal. The fees for these services vary and you should verify their ability to locate and remove any and all evidence of mugshots, per any agreement you may enter.

If a record has been sealed or expunged by a court, you may be able to simply request the mugshots.com removal of the record. Go to the website directly and complete the online request form available to remove the mugshot. This should be a simple process for most people to accomplish on their own.

Obtaining An Old Arrest Record/Mugshot For Free

If you have an old arrest record or mugshot and you would like to obtain information, you need to send a request to the court or jurisdiction holding the record. In most cases, this type of request can be handled for free or for a small fee.

A website like mugshots.com and others who post mugshots online is not prohibited from posting the material or charging a fee for mugshots.com removal. Your arrest information and any mugshot taken is a public record available to anyone who requests it.

Removing A Mugshot From Google

Removing a mugshot from Google requires you to make a request directly to Google or any website hosting the record.

A criminal record remains in the database of the jurisdiction where an arrest or conviction took place forever. Records that have been expunged or sealed by a court may be withheld from a public request but remains as part of your criminal record. It is important to understand that the only way a mugshot may be removed from a commercial site (one that is other than a court or law enforcement) is by request. Mugshots can still remain online for as long as the arresting jurisdiction wishes to maintain the record on the internet.

Mugshot Can Be Expunged Or Deleted If You Have Been Acquitted In Court

If a court proceeding results in an acquittal by a lawful court, you may request (or ask your attorney) to have the record of the arrest (including the mugshot) immediately sealed. You may also hire an attorney to request an expungement of the record.

You need to request directly from the website holding your mugshot to delete or remove the record. This can be done for free and requires effort and time on your part to locate the mugshot and make a request.

Mugshot.com Removal From The Internet

The bottom line is yes, you can make a request for a mugshot.com removal from the internet. You can attempt to do this on your own, for free, if you are willing to invest the time and effort to search, locate, and find all evidence of any and all mugshots online. Or, you may choose to use a reputable online service to help you remove your mugshot and help you repair your reputation. Call 844-641-8163 now.