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Are Mugshots Public Record? Is There Any Way to Remove Mugshots?

If you have ever been arrested, at some time you are sure to be asking “are mugshots public record?” At best, a mugshot online is an embarrassing reminder of a past mistake. At their worst, mugshots online punish people from crimes they never committed. Even after you have served your sentence, even after your charges have been dropped, even after you have been exonerated, your mugshot stays online to keep on punishing you. What makes […]

Removing Georgia Inmate Mugshots: What You Need to Know

The worst happens: you’ve been arrested. While you’re likely stressed out dealing with court fees and other ramifications of your arrest, it can also be tough to move forward knowing that Georgia inmate mugshots and arrest records may be available to people who search for you online. It’s easy enough for anyone to look up mugshots online in the state of Georgia. Sadly, many businesses attempt to profit from publicizing mugshots, in hopes that the person in the photo […]

Is Bustedmugshots.com Removal Possible?

If you’ve landed yourself in trouble with the law, chances are your mugshot appears online. A company like BustedMugshots.com displays relevant and up-to-date reports of arrests for the benefit of the wider community. If you have been arrested and see your mugshot on their website, with the proper legal documents that outline a dismissal or expungement, they will remove the information nine times out of ten. You will find bustedmugshots.com removal will not apply to those convicted of serious […]

Georgia Mugshot Law 101: Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve been arrested for any reason and your mugshot is online, it can hurt your reputation. It could make it hard for you to find a job or cause other personal and financial ramifications. Maybe you’re wondering if Georgia mugshot law allows other people to access your arrest records and personal information regarding the case. According to an annual report from the Georgia Department of Public Safety, every year, there are approximately 300,000 arrests throughout the state. The […]

All About the Best Mugshot Removal Service

People make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes lead to arrest and that dreadful mugshot that eventually gets posted online. What is the best mugshot removal service that will help you get rid of your mugshot on the internet? What is a Mugshot? When you are arrested, whether the charge is something like speeding or something more serious like murder, one of the first things to happen is that you are booked. During the booking process, an officer will […]