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Criminal background checks are standard practice in most job hiring processes, credit checks and home or business loan applications. Life happens sometimes and you may find that you need to secure a criminal background check removal. This is a very real concern for the almost 77 million Americans with some type of criminal record.

DWIs and DUIs

Clients come to us many times inquiring about the length of a DWI or DUI stays on their record. As a broad statement, DWIs and DUIs stay on record indefinitely like most criminal records. Some states consider DWIs and DUIs able to be reviewed for record expungement or sealing. Other states see DWIs and DUIs categorized as driving and traffic crimes and do not allow them to be expunged or sealed.


Similar to DWIs and DUIs, clients often inquire how long a misdemeanor stays on a criminal record. Save for an approved expungement motion, a misdemeanor stays on record indefinitely. States change laws all the time, some states have recently passed legislation about easier sealing of misdemeanors. Our company stays ahead of our competition by always being in the know in the most up-to-date state legislature.


Felonies are more complicated than DWIs, DUIs and misdemeanors when it comes to removal from criminal records. Felonies are not impossible however to remove. The removal of a felony offense depends solely on the state legislature and court in which the client applies for record clearing or sealing.

Protect Your Privacy

Today if information is desired, a person’s entire existence is just a few clicks and searches away. Data is easily available now more than ever. Searches that used to be reserved for the most experienced IT experts are now available to the general public. A criminal background check is considered standard with almost all job applications in the United States.

Take Back Control of Your Life

A criminal background can ruin lives and prevent people from securing stable jobs to better their quality of life. Society often discriminates against those with previous criminal convictions, which further complicates securing any kind of long-term employment. We help our clients get a fresh start in life by ridding them of the burden of a criminal record being found by future employers or creditors.

Client-Focused Services

Our company understands the often unfair discrimination placed upon clients with a criminal past. That is why we work hard to do everything in our power to clear criminal records from online public and the 40 plus private criminal record databases. We understand that people make mistakes and believe a bad choice should not define the entirety of someone’s life.

Detail Oriented

Our company takes the time to treat our clients with empathy while we review each case to see if it’s expugnable. There are several components to a criminal background check removal, the first of which is where criminal records are kept online.

Online Criminal Background Records Removal

The process for removing online criminal background records begins with a petition for criminal record clearing. Once such a petition is approved, a signed court order is sent to the requestee.

Public Databases

Public databases are much easier to clear criminal records from. Police station databases and government databases like the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Public Safety (DPS) are automatically refreshed to reflect new court orders. Public databases are updated within a 48-hour window from the time of a removal petition approval.

Private Databases

Private databases are a beast of their own. Updates are not instant and can take upwards of a year to reflect granted court order record purges. Private databases are slow at times to enforce criminal background check removals, even if there is a court order in place to do so. [xxx] has services in place to help client records be removed from private databases according to lawfully approved court orders.

Criminal Background Check Removal is Important

Criminal background checks are used for a variety of reasons on a daily basis. A criminal background record removal has to be first approved by a court judge. We help our clients to remove their criminal records by ensuring a court grant record clearing has been applied to both public and private databases.

The Use of Online Criminal Background Checks

Our clients may need to clear their online criminal records to be able to pass background checks for:

  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Undergraduate or Graduate School Application
  • Home Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Credit Checks
  • Right to Vote
  • Right to Own Firearms

When a Criminal Background Check Removal Is Needed

It’s essential to make sure both public and private databases are cleared to ensure no complications in any future background checks. A court may rule that your criminal record can be sealed. However, if there are still remaining records on a private database, that could be used against a client further down the line during various types of background checks. Our clients can trust us to be thorough so there are no complications during future record checks.

Employer Background Checks

Many of our clients need our criminal background check removal for securing employment. That is on account of the fact that 95% of possible hirings involve background checks of various kinds.

Criminal Background Check Removal and Expungement

What exactly is criminal background check removal? When we go into removing criminal records from public and private databases, what we are actually doing is simply removing the last traces of what law enforcement or a court has already performed. The client makes a request for expungement, also known as record sealing.


Expungement is where, if approved by a judge, a person’s criminal record is changed, sealed or destroyed. This process is different in many states on account of widely varying laws on expungement and record sealing. A criminal record that has been expunged is not able to be accessed by the public. A client who has successfully been approved for expungement does not have to share past criminal records with future employers, landlords or schools.

Qualified Expungement

One of the first tasks we carry out is checking to see if the client’s criminal record is able to be removed. Different laws exist in separate states that speak to what criminal offenses are and or not allowed to be removed from the record. This is crucial to know before any further action is taken. This is where it can benefit you to work with qualified reputation management professionals to ensure your rights are fully protected.

Quick Service

There are ways to possibly have a client’s criminal profile taken off the more than 40 online criminal databases if it is discovered the offense is not expugnable. We have ties to most if not all of these databases and using our services allows the process to be expedited. Most client cases are resolved in a matter of weeks, as our team is experienced and experts in all matters of criminal background check removal.

100% Guarantee

Our removal services come with a 100% guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen the best with Remove Mugshots. If we cannot remove all traces of criminal records, we have a full money-back guarantee. Our team of experts works hard and clients can be confident in the proactive approach we take to each project, ensuring that you are able to move forward with your life confidently.

Contact Us Today About Your Criminal Background Check Removal Needs

For more in-depth information and personalized consultation about a criminal background check removal, visit our website or call 844-641-8163. We provide quality, quick and confidential services that have kept us at the top of the competition in online criminal background check removal. Remove Mugshots is the top expert mugshot removal company, reach out today to see why for yourself.

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